Dear prospective applicant!
Thank you very much for your interest in the International M.Sc. / Ph.D. Programme for Experimental Clinical Linguistics. All the information necessary for applying to the IECL programme is provided here, and we encourage you to read it carefully.

Who should apply?

If you apply, you should have successfully completed (or be in the process of completing) your university education at the level of a Bachelors or Masters degree, Diploma or Magister in Patholinguistics, Psycho-/ Neurolinguistics, Clinical Linguistics or language-related fields with a very good grade (at least a B or the equivalent).

The IECL offers two different ways of entering the programme, depending on your academic degree and grade:

- Admission requirements for the initial segment of the programme:

  • Generally, at least a seven-semester course of study with a Bachelors degree in a related field (but note that applicants holding a Bachelors degree completed after a six-semester course of study can be admitted with additional requirements)
  • Grade: A or B

- Admission requirements for the second segment of the programme:

  • University degree: Diploma, Master, Magister after at least 4.5 years of study in a relevant field
  • Grade: A or B
  • Bachelors degree after a minimum of 3.5 years in an experimental neurocognitive area
  • Outstanding grade (A)
  • Excellent references

Applications are welcome even if the required degree has not been awarded by the time of application as long as it will be conferred before the semester starts. In this case, acceptance to the programme will be conditional.

Applicants who are not native speakers of English should demonstrate an adequate competence of the English language with acceptable results from an internationally recognised test (e.g. TOEFL-CBT >213, IELTS >7; cf. study regulations). Higher education study completed in English is also acceptable. In this case, applicants need to attach an official statement (signed by an official of the college or university, e.g. the dean's or registrar's office) indicating that English was the medium of instruction in the programme of study.

Application Period

The application period starts on September 15 in the year preceding enrolment and ends on December 1.
Candidates wishing to start the programme immediately with the Ph.D. segment can also apply for admission to the winter term. In this case, the application period starts on March 15 and ends on June 1.

Application Form and Documents

The application is administered by the online application portal uni-assist. In order to complete your application, the following documents are needed:

Application Form: 1 hard copy completely filled out and signed.

• a letter of motivation: 1-2 pages
2 Letters of Recommendation: Signed letters from professors of institutions of higher education who are able to evaluate your personality, academic experience, and intellectual merit. Please note that we will only accept letters of recommendation that conform to common standards: they should be written on the official letterhead of the respective institution and should reach us in a sealed and signed (again, by your referee) envelope. Enclose the letters as you receive them from your referees and do not open the envelopes.
Curriculum Vitae (CV).
Recent Photograph, included in the application form.
Diplomas: Certificates of relevant examinations (e.g. Bachelors degree, Masters degree, no (high) school diplomas): 1 copy.
Official Transcript / Record of Study: Detailed documentation of your academic work (list of courses attended; grades if applicable): 1 copy.
Proof of proficiency in English (if applicable, see above): 1 copy.

For candidates applying directly to the Ph.D. segment, it is further highly recommended to submit:

Research Proposal (max. 5 pages): 1 copy.
Proof of scholarship received / applied for (if applicable): 1 copy.

If your final degree certificate and final year transcripts are not yet available, you are kindly requested to submit an official provisional degree certificate, provisional transcript or an official letter of your registrar, dean, or academic supervisor, listing the remaining subjects and the prospective grades as well as the prospective final grade average.

All submitted documents must be in English or German. In all other cases, officially certified translations must be supplied. Please do not staple the documents (unless they are already stapled, which is sometimes the case with official transcripts, etc.) or copy them double-sided. Certified copies of documents are not required for the application (i.e. regular copies are sufficient). All applicants admitted to the programme must get their relevant documents certified. This can be done, for example, by the dean's or registrar's office of your university, a German embassy or consulate, or a public notary.

Please mail the complete application package to the following address:

University of Potsdam
c/o uni-assist e.V.
Helmholtzstraße 2-9
10587 Berlin

Please note:
We can only consider your application if all the necessary documents have arrived by the deadline for application:

January 1, 2011
(receipt of application documents, not postmark date)

The deadline for direct application to the Ph.D. segment is June, 1 2010 or January, 1 2011, depending on the intended starting term.
Please send your application early enough to ensure its timely arrival. Applications received after this date will be disqualified from consideration.

Selection Interview

After pre-selection, the best-qualified applicants are invited to take part in a selection interview. The interview takes place at the end of February for all applicants applying to the initial segment and Ph.D. applicants wishing to start in the summer term, or, alternatively, at the end of August for applicants to the Ph.D. segment wishing to start in the winter term at the University of Potsdam. The exact date and place of the interview will be communicated well in advance.

Further Information

Further information regarding your application and other issues is summarised in the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section. The programme receives many inquiries regarding the application package. Please have a look at this site before contacting the coordination office. Thank you!